Covid-19 Travel Guidance

Vico Travel has your safety as its number one priority.

In Italy, despite the restrictions on movement during the Covid-19 pandemic, ground transportation never stopped for passengers with a valid reason to travel. We have successfully transported during this period without incident, thanks to our attention to proper guidelines and details. We are carefully adhering to the authorities’ guidance and regulations regarding safety measures, as well as making voluntary amendments to our services to ensure your safety and comfort.


Our bigger vans have the capacity for eight passengers. During this period we are limiting our vehicles to four passengers total if they are not members of the same family. The front passenger seat shall remain empty and the middle seat in the two back rows will also remain unfilled. On our buses guests can be seated one every two seats. In addition, we will make use of the front and rear doors, also to ensure the one-meter advised distance between passengers. Couples, siblings or parents with their kids are allowed to sit together.


Vico Travel has always santized the vehicles after each service. Hygiene will be even more meticulous for vans, buses and with regard to our drivers, as well. Touch points (such as door handles, buttons to open doors, seat belts, etc) will be disinfected after each service. During your trip, our ventilation systems will be set to ensure that fresh air is coming from outside the vehicle, rather than recirculating within it. In addition, we will be keeping windows cracked to help continue the circulation of fresh air into the vehicle. We will provide gel disinfectant and tissues to our clients during their journey. We recommend clients wear a face covering while traveling in private hire vehicles in order to protect themselves and others.

Our drivers will wear a mask at all times, and greet you with a warm ‘hello’ and a nod. At this time we will forego the hand shaking. In addition, you can rest assured that our driver will wear gloves when handling any of your luggage or belongings.

We will continue to review and update our safety guidelines in accordance with the most up-to-date recommendations and are happy to receive any suggestions you may have to improve our service.

Vice Travel wishes you a safe and pleasant journey.